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Qatar Airways Cargo Tracking


If you are flying with Qatar Airways for the first time, nervousness about your valuable luggage is very natural. This is why the Qatar Airways baggage tracker is there. Qatar Airways will always want you to be relaxed about simple things like this. However, on some rare occasions, passenger-cargo luggage does get misplaced or damaged. Qatar has special policies for situations like that. To know more about Qatar Airways baggage tracking, read this blog. For ‘Qatar Airways cargo tracking, call OTA: +1-888-915-2449 or USA: +1-877-777-2827.

Qatar Airways Cargo Tracking –

The Qatar checked baggage allowance depends on the route you are traveling in. Here are some details on Qatar Airways cargo tracking.

  • If you are flying from Brazil and Argentina, you can have two pieces of checked luggage. Each should not weigh more than 23 kg.
  • The checked baggage weight limit for the Canada and U.S. route is 32 kg for First class passengers. For more query contact the customer service number OTA +1-888-915-2449 or +1-312-392-3679.
  • The First-class passengers must also abide by the 23 kg baggage weight rule on that route.
  • If you need extra luggage, you will have to pay the Qatar Airways baggage fee for that.

Lost baggage Qatar Airways –

If Qatar Airways has somehow lost your baggage, you are eligible for lost baggage Qatar Airways compensation and remuneration. You can track your location online to ensure that your baggage reaches you safely. Here is some information on your Qatar Airways baggage tracker.

How to track the luggage?

Qatar Airways gives you access to a variety of facilities. One such facility is the Qatar Airways baggage tracking facility. Here is how to use it.

  • Visit the Qatar Airways website. Click on the official website link for that.
  • Now log into your account there. Go to the baggage tracking section on the website.
  • You can keep track of Qatar Airways missing baggage using different information like the six-digit booking reference number, baggage tag number, last name, etc.
  • Once you do enter it, you can see real-time updates of the location of your cargo luggage. It will help you stay calm during the journey.

For more queries on Qatar Airways track baggage, contact the customer service number OTA: +1-888-915-2449 or USA: +1-877-777-2827.

Qatar rules for lost and damaged baggage –

If Qatar Airways staff accidentally ruins or loses your luggage, Qatar Airways will give you compensation. Here are the Qatar Airways lost baggage compensation rules.

  • If your Qatar Airways baggage is delayed, inform the Qatar Airways authorities about it. They will immediately start looking for your luggage.
  • Qatar Airways usually finds delayed luggage within 24 hours. You Will soon receive the luggage.
  • However, if your luggage is completely lost, you will get compensation according to the Montreal Convention.

For more queries on Qatar Airways lost baggage, contact the customer service OTA: +1-888-915-2449 or USA: +1-877-777-2827.

  • Qatar will try to find your lost luggage for 30 days before starting the compensation process.

Qatar Airways baggage size in inches –

To travel with Qatar Airways without any hassle need to abide by their baggage allowance. To know more about the Qatar Airways baggage size in inches and its limitations, read the information below.

Qatar carry-on rules –

The Qatar carry-on allowance does vary depending on your class. The more you pay, the more luggage you can carry.

  • You can carry two pieces of luggage if you are a business class or first-class passenger.
  • However, they should not weigh more than 15 kgs combined.
  • The carry-on luggage has to be small enough to fit the overhead bin or the area under your seat.
  • Economy class passengers can have only one carry-on baggage. It can be a purse, pouch, laptop bag, etc.

How to contact Qatar Airways lost and found?

So now you have all the entails on what steps you should take for Qatar Airways lost and found baggage. When traveling to a faraway location, carry as little luggage as possible. The more you have, the higher the chances of it being misplaced. Qatar Airways will compensate you for any loss caused by the; what are you waiting for now? Book a flight with Qatar Airways today!

Qatar Airways economy class review –

As a frequent traveler, I recently had the opportunity to fly with Qatar Airways in Economy Class and was impressed with my overall experience.

The first thing that stood out to me was the comfort of the seats. Even in economy class, there was ample legroom and the seats were well-padded, making the long-haul flight tolerable. The seats also had personal entertainment screens with various movies, TV shows, and games to choose from.

The in-flight meals exceeded my expectations, with a choice of hot and cold options. The food was not only delicious but also of high quality, which was different from what I expected in economy class. In addition, drinks, including alcoholic beverages, were offered throughout the flight.

The cabin crew was attentive and friendly, ensuring everyone was comfortable and well taken care of throughout the flight. Their level of service was impressive and helped make the long journey more tolerable.


Hence, going through the above blog, you will conclude Qatar Airways Cargo tracking Baggage Tracking. You can dial OTA +1-888-915-2449 or +1-312-392-3679 for further details. Customers can dial one of the country wise numbers

  • Singapore number: +65 31579795
  • Denmark number: +45 32725806
  • Italy number: +39 0230578845
  • UK number: +44 330 912 7415
  • UAE number: +971 600521473
  • Australia number: +61 283201015
  • China number: +400-994-9991
  • Japan number: +81 345101960
  • New Zealand number: +64 9 8866229
  • Canada number: +1 888 366 5666

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