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How to upgrade to business class in Lufthansa?

Make Your Travel memorable:  How to Upgrade to Business Class in Lufthansa

Many people dream of traveling in luxury and comfort, and upgrading to business class might make that dream come true. Lufthansa Airlines offers a number of options for travelers to upgrade to business class, giving them a premium flying experience. To help you get the most out of your trip, we will go over how to upgrade to business class on Lufthansa in this blog post. Reach Lufthansa Airlines customer support team by dialing +1-888-915-2449 (OTA) or +1-800-645-3880 (USA).

How to Upgrade to Business Class in Lufthansa?

Fare class, loyalty program status, and availability depend on which  Lufthansa provides a variety of ways to upgrade to business class. Some suggestions for improving your vacation experience:

  • Use Miles or Points:

You can use your collected miles or points to upgrade to Lufthansa business class if you are a member of Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program, Miles & More, or a Star Alliance program like United MileagePlus or Air Canada Aeroplan. You can Check whether an upgrade is available by logging into your frequent flyer account on the Lufthansa website, then using your miles or points to buy the upgrade.

  • Bid for an Upgrade:

Through their “Lufthansa Upgrade Auction” program, Lufthansa gives passengers the chance to place a bid for an upgrade to business class. On the Lufthansa website, you can submit a bid for an upgrade, and if it is granted, you will travel in business class.

  • Check for Last-Minute Offers:

Keep an eye on the Lufthansa website for last-minute upgrade offers. Sometimes, the airline provides discounted upgrade options closer to the departure date if there is unsold business class inventory.

  • Upgrade at the Airport:

Visit the Lufthansa check-in counter or the Lufthansa Service Center at the airport and inquire about the possibility of upgrading to business class. This option may be subject to availability and additional fees.

  • Use Miles & More Status:

If you hold elite status in the Miles & More program, you may be eligible for complimentary upgrades to business class. Check the benefits associated with your status level to see if this perk applies to you.

Purchase a Business Class Ticket:

Of course, the most straightforward way to enjoy the amenities of business class is to purchase a business class ticket when booking your flight. This guarantees your seat in the premium cabin with all the perks that come with it.

For more information you can contact at +1-888-915-2449 (OTA) or +1-800-645-3880 (USA).


Upgrading to business class at Lufthansa can significantly enhance your travel experience, providing you with more comfort, better service, and a host of amenities. Whether you’re a frequent flyer with miles to spare, seeking last-minute offers, or simply looking to treat yourself, Lufthansa offers multiple avenues to enjoy the luxury of business class. Remember to plan ahead, check for upgrade options, and explore the methods mentioned in this guide to make your journey with Lufthansa an unforgettable one.


Q1: Can I upgrade to business class if I have an economy class ticket?

Yes, you can upgrade to business class from an economy class ticket through various methods mentioned above, such as using miles, bidding, or purchasing an upgrade at the airport. The availability and cost of upgrades may vary depending on factors like flight demand and your loyalty status.

Q2: How do I know if there are upgrade offers available for my flight?

To check for upgrade offers on your Lufthansa flight, visit the airline’s website and log in to your booking. Look for the “Upgrade Options” section to see if any upgrade opportunities are available. Additionally, you can sign up for email notifications from Lufthansa to receive alerts about special upgrade offers.

Q3: What amenities can I expect in Lufthansa’s business class?

Lufthansa’s business class offers a range of amenities, including spacious seats that convert into lie-flat beds, premium dining options, access to airport lounges, priority boarding and baggage handling, enhanced entertainment systems, and more. The specific amenities may vary depending on the aircraft and route.

Q4: How much does it typically cost to upgrade to business class with miles or points?

The number of miles or points required for a business class upgrade on Lufthansa varies depending on your origin, destination, fare class, and the loyalty program you are using to redeem the upgrade. It’s advisable to check the Lufthansa website or contact their customer service for precise details on the redemption rates.

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