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Cancellation and refund process of Air Canada

How do I avail Air Canada’s flight Cancellation and Refund policy

Air Canada is the flag carrier of Canada and the largest airline in Canada by size and number of passengers it carries. It has its headquarters in Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec. So, when flying through Air Canada, you must know about its cancellation and refund policy so that, under urgent circumstances, you know how to make a cancellation and refund request to get the amount back for your canceled flight. The cancellation and request you must also make when you have to cancel your flight when you miss it. So, let’s get the information about the cancellation and refund process of Air Canada in deep by reading the blog below. For inquiries on Air Canada’s cancellation and refund policy, contact the customer service of Air Canada at US Number: OTA: +1-888-915-2449  or +1-888-247-2262.

Air Canada’s cancellation policy

The Air Canada cancellation policy states that if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of purchase, the airline will refund you the value of your ticket in the original form of payment. And, if you cancel it outside of 24 hours, the refund amount depends on the fare type you purchased. So, along with its policy, you must also know how to cancel your ticket and make a refund request online. So, if you booked your ticket directly through Air Canada, you can cancel your booking online by going to the ‘My Bookings’ section of its website and following the instructions. There are some conditions for canceling your ticket purchased from Air Canada. So, you can cancel your booking with Air Canada online only if:

  • You purchased your flight from aircanada.com or through Air Canada mobile app.
  • You are canceling Aeroplan flight rewards booking.
  • You have to cancel your entire booking.
  • You are canceling your flight up to two hours before departure.

So, you should know about Air Canada’s cancellation policy. For more details, contact the airline at  US Number: OTA: +1-888-915-2449  or +1-888-247-2262.

Air Canada refund

After Air Canada cancellation, you must know to make a refund request online to avail the amount you paid for booking your flight. So, if you cancel your booking, your refund amount depends on the fare type you purchased. And if the airline cancels your ticket, you can get a full refund. The airline will refund for the unused portion of your ticket for delayed flights. And Air Canada never charges you any refund processing fee for customers. Thus under Air Canada’s cancellation policy, you can cancel your Air Canada’s airline ticket within 24 hours of ticket purchase and receive a full refund regardless of the ticket type you purchased. However, if you cancel more than 24 hours after purchase, you will be charged a fee unless it is a refundable ticket. It is what you should know about Air Canada’s cancellation and refund policy.


How much does canceling a flight with Air Canada cost?

Air Canada changes cancellation fees depending on the fare type you purchase. Standard tickets charge $100 for 60 days or less and $25 for 61 days or more. It has similar charges for flex tickets.

For how long can I cancel my Air Canada flight?

The standard duration to cancel an Air Canada flight is within 24 hours of ticket purchase.


Thus, above mentioned are points about Air Canada’s cancellation and refund policy. You must know about it before avoiding all uncertain issues of refund. You must go through the cancellation process, how you should do it online, and whether you require to pay any fees for it or not. And, for making a refund request online, you must know the limitations of its policy. To get more details of Air Canada’s refund, call the airline number at US Number: OTA: +1-888-915-2449  or +1-888-247-2262

For your convenience, we have made a list of Air Canada’s phone numbers from different countries:

India Number: +011-4717-2900

Philippines Number: +(632) 7 117 9168

Puerto Rico Number:  +1 866 257 0333

Portugal Number: +00 800 6699 2222

Poland Number:  +00 800 6699 2222

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