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How to Cancel and Refund at Air Canada Flight?

How to Cancel and Refund at Air Canada Flight?

Travellers whose plans get instantly or frequently changed can take the services of Air Canada. As Air Canada allows the potentially fair amount of money return for the ticket. If you cancel your bookings within 24 hours of confirmation Air Canada will refund the  exact value  of your ticket or simply cancel the payment transaction from their side. Read the blog till end as we are here to help with How to Cancel and Refund at Air Canada Flight.

Air Canada customer service phone number for personal assistance are  +1-888-915-2449 (OTA) or  + 1-888-247-2262 (USA).

How to request a refund at Air Canada?

Everytime make sure that you request a refund via the original point of purchase, as each partner has its own booking system and  they will be better equipped to a system. Below are some of the options based on your booking method.

  • Online travel agency

 If you have booked your tickets with the help of a travel agent such as Flyavionic, Skynair, Airnsky and Skyairbus then please contact them directly.

  • Air Canada for business

If you have used Air Canada for business purposes then please visit Air Canada for business. here you will find the details and refund options available to you as well as your Corporation .

  • Air Canada vacations

In case you have booked flight tickets for vacations then visit for  vacations. air 

How to cancel a booking at Air Canada?

 To cancel the booking also you have to go to  the platform from where  you have made bookings  because each platform has their own unique system.

  • In case you have booked directly to Air Canada you may cancel your booking online by clicking on the option “My bookings” by visiting the official website.
  • The following are the reasons you can cancel your booking online if:-
  •  You originally booked your flight on Air Canada or via The Air Canada Mobile App.
  •  You are cancelling and Aeroplane light reward booking
  •  You are cancelling your entire booking
  •  You are cancelling your flight at least 2 hours before departure.

What is the eligibility of refund and cancellation at Air Canada ?

As we all know there is some criteria to follow the benefits of particular organisation so the eligibility of refund and cancellation at Air Canada is as follow:-

  • In case you yourself cancel the booking your reference will depend on the fare type you purchased.
  •  In case Air Canada delayed or cancelled or flight then you can request a refund for the unused portion of your ticket.

How to check Air Canada refund status? 

 Clients are requested to check their refund status frequently to follow the upgrade of their refund. Air Canada expressed that clients are given their refund within 7 to 10 working days. This is an incredible demonstration of help for clients confronting their tough Times and Air Canada is achieving the way for different Airlines to go with the same pattern. You can check Air Canada refund status on the official website. 


In the above mention blog we hope you get the answer of queries such as how to cancel and refund flight at Air Canada?, how to request a refund at Air Canada, how to cancel a booking at Air Canada etc. In case you have more doubts you can contact at +1-888-915-2449 (OTA) or  + 1-888-247-2262 (USA) for personal assistance.


Q:1 Do I need to pay an administrative fees to get my refund?

Ans- An administrative fee to be paid based on the type of ticket you purchased. Please keep in mind that Air Canada has never charged refund processing fees to customers or travel agencies. If you purchase your ticket with a travel agency and have a question about the fees please contact your travel agency for more information instead of Air Canada.

Q:2 How can I check Air Canada refund status ?

Ans- The Air Canada refund status can be checked on the official website by entering your booking number.

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