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How do I upgrade on Air France?

How do I Upgrade on Air France?

Upgrading your flight experience can significantly enhance your complete journey. When you are planning for a trip, one of the most important factors is considered as the comfort and convenience offered by an airline. Air France  provides many carriers for passengers with different travel classes to choose from.  As a prominent Airlines Air France understands the importance of providing premium services and various upgrade options  to serve their customers’ various needs. In this blog post we will examine the upgradation policy of Air France.

Air France provides very simple easy upgrade policies for their customers. Once you are done with booking with Air France you might want to enjoy a tension free journey. For situations like change in trip dates, the destination Air France upgrade option can be suitable to you. The best part is that you can get a free upgrade on your reservations through a single call. to avail this facility you need to know more about some tips read this blog for more information about Air France upgrades online. For the doubt, how do I upgrade On Air France Just Dial at  +1-888-915-2449 (OTA) or +1-800-237-2747 (USA).

How do I upgrade to business class On Air France website?

 First of all you have to go to the Air France website or dial at  +1-888-915-2449 (OTA) or +1-800-237-2747 (USA)  to upgrade your Air France flight through an agent. Once you visit the website click on the “Manage booking” section then enter your booking reference number and last name next press the search button to view your booking then select a flight from the list to apply for an upgrade. Once you enter all the correct information click on the upgrade button and confirm. pay the charges for upgrading to business class by card or miles. This is how you can upgrade to business class on the Air France Website. 

What are the different ways to upgrade seats on Air France?

If you are willing to upgrade your seat on an Air France flight then you can choose either of the options online or by connecting with a live person using a contact number.  you will know various other ways to upgrade your seat on Air France and get more relaxing options for choosing your seat and other benefits during the flight journey. The following are the option to upgrade your seat:-

  • Online via website or mobile application
  •  In the airport before flight departs till the  check in deadlines
  •  You can on board upgrades service and speak with a flight person
  •  You can also try making a phone call to a live person to ask for a seat upgrade as per your wish. 


We hope from the above blog you get enough knowledge about how do I upgrade On Air France and also the different ways to upgrade seats on Air France. To get more information you can dial at +1-888-915-2449 (OTA) or +1-800-237-2747 (USA).

US Number: +1-800-237-2747 

Argentina number  +54 11 39 91 59 21

Austria number    +431502222400

Portugal number +351213164027

France number +33 9 69 39 36 54

China number    +008808808

Canada number   +18006672747

Australia number +61293382260


Q:1  Can you upgrade from economy to premium economy on Air France flights?

 Ans- Yes you can upgrade On Air France flight to all paid booking classes from economy to premium economy depending on the availability of the seats. 

Q:2 How much does it charge to upgrade seats on Air France?

Ans-  To upgrade your seats at Air France you will need to pay the cost of around $30  per person and the remaining depends on the type of reservation and the booking class. If you are upgrading after entering at the airport it may cause between $300 to $500  per person and also passengers  can use miles to upgrade Air France flights. 

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